Here’s an Open Thread for you to fill. Lots happening!

Our The president elect is causing problems before he’s even inaugerated installed as President. And it’s certain he won’t stop because that is his way of doing things. He doesn’t listen well and thinks he knows better than the other person what to do. That’s all due to his mental problem and it is very evident now that he has a mental problem. A very loose cannon that will continue to get us into Diplomatic problems that could be very serious and dangerous.

Your thought?

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  1. Paul Street has always been a hard core “Leftier Than Thou” Socialist scold… a Leftist’s Leftist (makes me look like a milquetoast Centrist)… It is nice to see him pull back a little on his constant slagging of Sanders from the Left as a “sheepdog” and give some depth on exactly why so many of us have been so pissed off at Obama and his apologists for so long…

    Also… it’s nice to see the more obscure hard left commentariat starting to peek through the fringes of independent alternative media and take advantage of the political road Sanders has smoothed and paved enough for them to travel on safely… they’ve been lost in the Wilderness for far too long…

    Trump is Obama’s Legacy ~ TheRealNews

    oh, and, Toldyaso…

  2. Senator Dick Durbin
    14 hrs ·

    With less than two weeks until Inauguration Day, I joined U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Tammy Duckworth in introducing new legislation to make certain President-Elect Donald Trump discloses and divests any potential financial conflicts of interest. The American people have a right to know that their next president has their best interests in mind, not those of his family, his businesses, or a foreign government.

    Durbin, Duckworth Introduce Bill To Require President And Vice President To Fully Divest Personal Financial Conflicts Of Interest | U.S.…

  3. Some pretty good focus here… do not agree with the order of priority, or every single item on the list, but an excellent start…

  4. Trump was placed in office to be a diversion while the GOP destroys our government, is a new theory .

    What do you think?

  5. @toniD:

    Trump was placed in office to be a diversion while the GOP destroys our government, is a new theory .

    Ding Ding Ding…. give that Lady a prize…

    But I think his narcissism is going to blow up in their faces when he begins to feed his enormous ego and actually decides to try to govern… then they will try to impeach his orange ass… by the time they finish squabbling we will be into the 2018 elections… and the GOP will be in ruins…

  6. Ezra Klein
    1 hr ·

    “He’s not a racist, we know him!” is an argument that everyone in American politics has to recognize does not fly.

    Jeff Sessions’s confirmation hearing is a referendum on Trumpism

    A fight about race that both parties want.|By Dara Lind

    Ezra Klein
    3 hrs ·

    “The hearings will be unusual for an even bigger and more important reason: They will be the first time that senior Trump appointees will have to answer, under oath, pointed questions about the shifting and often contradictory positions of the president they hope to serve.”

    Trump’s Cabinet picks will have to answer the questions their boss has dodged

    It’ll be tough for Trump’s nominees to avoid the hard questions when they’re under oath.|By Yochi Dreazen

  7. Hahahaha

    Oh my fkn gawd… this is going to be soooo much fun….

    Protesters in KKK and Lady Liberty Costumes Disrupt Sessions Confirmation Hearing
    “You can’t arrest me! I’m white!” one protester shouted as he was escorted from the room.
    Alexandra Rosenmann / AlterNet
    January 10, 2017


    The Words ‘Trump’ and ‘Russia’ Will Forever Be Linked
    There’s a lot to unpack here.

    Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him

    …The raw memos on which the synopsis is based were prepared by the former MI6 agent, who was posted in Russia in the 1990s and now runs a private intelligence gathering firm. His investigations related to Mr. Trump were initially funded by groups and donors supporting Republican opponents of Mr. Trump during the GOP primaries, multiple sources confirmed to CNN. Those sources also said that once Mr. Trump became the nominee, further investigation was funded by groups and donors supporting Hillary Clinton…

    Sweet irony! Republican DumpTrump operatives set the investigative wheels into motion? I can’t wait for the movie.

  9. Heroes…

    Robert Scheer and William Binney on the Alleged Russian Hack of the 2016 Election
    Posted on Jan 10, 2017

    Whistleblower William Binney will sit down with Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer to discuss the recent allegations against Russia. Binney, a former U.S. intelligence official, regularly discusses contemporary surveillance issues.

    Binney and Scheer will analyze the claims that Russia hacked into U.S. political servers to manipulate the 2016 election, as well as the newly declassified intelligence report released last week.

    Many have argued that the report doesn’t contain adequate sources. James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, said early Tuesday that the report “was based on a mix of human sources, collection of technical data and open-source information,” but that many of the sources would remain classified.

    “Senior intelligence and law enforcement officials testified on Tuesday for the first time since the release of the declassified report on Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election,” The New York Times reports. “They appeared before the Senate committee four days after the findings were described to Mr. Trump. The panel, convened by the Senate Intelligence Committee, included James R. Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence, and Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency and of the military’s Cyber Command. John O. Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Mr. Comey also testified.”

    “Clapper also said there is no evidence that the Russians altered or manipulated the emails and other information they stole during their hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign,” USA Today reports. “Comey said the Russians also tried to hack the Republican National Committee but succeeded only in gaining access to an older server that did not contain current data.”

  10. Alleged Intelligence Dossier of Russia’s Compromising Info on Trump Includes Details of ‘Sexual Perversion’

    35-Page Document Contains Disturbing Allegations of Financial Misdeeds and Other Acts That Must Be Investigated

    A bombshell report by CNN early Tuesday evening, that intelligence operatives say Russia claims to have compromising information on Donald Trump was just followed by Buzzfeed publishing what it claims is that secret memo.

    Buzzfeed describes it as a “dossier making explosive — but unverified — allegations that the Russian government has been ‘cultivating, supporting and assisting’ President-elect Donald Trump for years and gained compromising information about him.” Buzzfeed also calls it “a collection of memos written over a period of months, [that] includes specific, unverified and potentially unverifiable allegations of contact between Trump aides and Russian operatives, and graphic claims of sexual acts documented by the Russians.

    The full document is on Buzzfeed’s website. There are typos and other errors that come through when it is in text mode, which NCRM has not corrected. [more]

  11. @toniD:

    that must be what the PEEOTUS tweets trending on twitter are referring to …

    Not sure yet, but it sounds like someone is getting pranked hard…

    If its true, any of it, he’s finished….

  12. When Donald Trump and golden showers are in the same room, wouldn’t they be orange showers?

    Don’t blame me. It’s in the dossier. In the Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel. Putin on the Ritz.

  13. @cent:

    Good Paul Street Segment.
    Asking the big Banks and Wall Street to regulate themselves was not good.
    Much Could Have been done in ’09 & ’10 , and was not.

  14. Bernie Sanders
    8 hrs ·

    The new Republican Congress has begun efforts to dismantle America’s health care system. Their goal, consistent with their right-wing ideology, is to take away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, privatize Medicare, make massive cuts to Medicaid, increase prescription drug prices and defund Planned Parenthood. It is up to us to stop them.

    As I wrote to you last week, Democratic members of Congress, trade unions, senior groups, health care activists, and those who believe in economic and social justice are hosting a series of events across the country on January 15 called “Our First Stand: Save Health Care.”

    Take a Stand. Find the nearest rally near you.

    Sunday, January 15, stand together to tell Republicans: No, you won’t take away our health care.

  15. @cent: Could be a prank. I just hope it gets rid of Trump once and for all. I don’t like Pence either and I’m tired of the Dems doing nothing but talk. But it might put the “fear of God” into the GOP if Trump is taken down. And then we need to deal with the other problems.

  16. @toniD:

    Could be a prank….

    Yeah, it’s definitely starting to pan out that way… even if it’s not true it is still funny as hell… Late Nights are going to feast on this for months… ‘President Pee Stains’ is the type of nickname that lasts a while…

    The only drawback is it is starting to look like the FBI & CIA actually bought into the prank when it was first put out a while back and then actually filed it… If this is the “source” of their evidence that Russia has blackmail material on Trump, they are going to look even stupider and more incompetent than they already do… It’s also going to paint Trump as a victim instead of a traitor, and this entire Russia gambit could blow up in the Dem’s face… It will make it harder to pin the next scandal on him, and make it stick… they won’t be able to relentlessly hammer him as hard without him gaining sympathy… and it will give Trump the hint of moral authority to proceed with his intention to purge Intelligence of his enemies… it will actually make getting rid of him tougher…

    GoldenShowerGate…? OMFG… This has been, without a doubt, the most bizarre year in politics ever…

    Can’t wait for Trump’s next ‘Live Streaming’….
    (I know… sorry, couldn’t resist…)

  17. Uhhh… Yeah…

    I think that just about does it for the whole “Fake News” meme Mr. President…. thanks very much…

    Leave it to the friggin Dems and the MSM to give the most impeachable president in history, that walking Orange testament to chronic self-destruction and public social self immolation, a teflon jacket… Only a Clinton DNC could screw things up this badly…


    Hope there is more in the CIA files than just a phony pee stain…

  18. Been listening to the Senate confirmation hearing of Tiller this morning. He’s said things that are totally opposite Trump’s outlook on Russia. He almost sounds reasonable which makes me wonder if he’s maybe just a good liar. He’s CEO of Exxon so he knows how to bullshit. He even said something that makes you believe that he believes in climate change.

    Problem is I am getting that uneasy prickly feeling about him. Instincts are boiling over to not trust him.

  19. @toniD:

    If there is a time you want to bang your head against a wall, this is it!

    not there yet… Trump has soooo many business conflicts of interest one of them will bite him hard in the ass… He has been in the NYC building and real estate business for so long there has to be literally hundreds of Union payoffs and Organized Crime deals hiding in his closet…

    Back in the day you couldn’t get concrete poured anywhere in the NY Tri-State area without a healthy donation to the Knights of Columbus…

  20. Nobody Knows What Comes Next

    We’re all along for the ride now.

    By Charles P. Pierce
    Jan 11, 2017


    WASHINGTON, D.C.—A slow dawn broke over the capital on Wednesday, and there was a sense of being on the hazy border of a dark and uncertain frontier, a feeling that the country is at the edge of something out of anyone’s control. Everybody is waiting for somebody else to do something. It’s like we’re all the crew of the Pequod, waiting for the mad captain to emerge from his cabin for the first time to explain how his obsessions should be ours as well.

    It was already going to be a frenzied day. The president-elect was scheduled to do his first real press conference since winning the election. There were supposed to be no less than five confirmation hearings, including the second day of Jeff Sessions’ encounter with the Senate Judiciary Committee and Rex Tillerson’s debut as a prospective Secretary of State. The new Republican Congressional majorities were preparing to start legislating at a pace that would embarrass Huey Long. And then the dungbomb hit on Tuesday evening, and the whole political context of these events went to the zoo. It was worth being in Washington just to see the look on Sessions’ face when Senator Al Franken broke the news to him in real time about what CNN was reporting out in the world beyond the committee room. [more]

  21. Donald J. Trump Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to “leak” into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?

  22. @toniD: Here’s what I was talking about for Tillerson….

    Tillerson breaks with Trump on foreign policy issues

    Washington (CNN)President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to be the US envoy to the world drew a sharp line between his views and those of his future boss, denouncing Russian aggression in cyberspace and in Ukraine.
    Rex Tillerson was asked at his Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing whether he believed that Russia had hacked US elections — a charge Trump has consistently denied or played down.

    The former ExxonMobil CEO also condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an “illegal action” and said he would have sent the country defensive weapons to use against Moscow, a step the Obama administration did not take. And he praised the usefulness of sanctions as a deterrent, but cautioned that their use can hurt American businesses.

    “In diplomacy it is useful to have a stick that is in your hand so that whether you use it or not, it becomes part of that conversation,” Tillerson said.
    Tillerson said he hadn’t received any classified briefings on the Russian hacks.
    He that it’s a “fair assumption” that Vladimir Putin authorized the attacks.
    Tillerson made the remarks amid controversy about a CNN report that Russia may have compromising information about the President-elect. [more and video at link]

  23. It Just Occurred to Me…

    that Julian Assange and Wikileaks is probably the best bet we have of getting rid of Trump… the irony is shattering…

  24. Robert Reich
    52 mins ·

    This morning, in his opening remarks on his confirmation hearing to become Secretary of States, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson didn’t mention Russia’s alleged intervention in the presidential election, ExxonMobil’s ties to Russia, Tillerson’s own ties to Russia and Putin, or his views on human rights and climate change.

    But Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md) drew the connections, noting that ExxonMobil’s business deals with Russia “supported directly or indirectly” some of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s more aggressive activities. “It’s not too great of a distance from Exxon business partnerships to Putin’s slush funds” for disinformation and other activities, Cardin charged.

    Tillerson and ExxonMobil are close to Putin and to Putin’s oil oligarchs. Why else would Trump have chosen for Secretary of State the CEO of a giant oil company with no diplomatic experience at all?

    Note also: This is the second day of hearings on another of Trump’s nominees, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Senators must get Sessions to agree to allow the FBI to continue its investigation into Russian tampering into the presidential election and charges that Trump or his associates colluded with Russia.

    Follow the money. Always follow the money.

    What do you think?

    Trump’s top diplomat: Russia ‘must be held to account for its actions’

    President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to be the new US envoy to the world said Wednesday that Russia must be held to account for its actions, but added…|By Nicole Gaouette, CNN

  25. @toniD:

    if the cia and fbi doesn’t have even a hint of anything on Trump, then chances are whoever has the dirt hasn’t come forward yet… they are even less likely to come forward or hand over data to a Trump Justice Dept… you cant trust the MSM or the Press to release anything or be able to protect their sources anymore… so, if they want to anonymously get something out to the public, Wikileaks or the Intercept is really all they have left… it is the best, and safest bet…

  26. Democracy Now!
    January 6 at 7:11am ·

    The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald says the Washington Post has produced “completely fictitious and fabricated claims about the threat posed by Vladimir Putin and Russia.” Full story:


  27. I Don’t Always Agree…

    …with everything H A Goodman says… but his analysis here about Buzzfeed is on the money…

  28. When Someone Says…. What They Really Mean Is…

    “When they (CIA or NSA) say they have ‘High Confidence’… that’s the 1st clue they do not have a shred of evidence that it’s true…” – Bill Binney 36yr Veteran NSA Analyst and Whistleblower

  29. Darlene Poor shared Media Matters for America’s post.
    1 hr ·

    The press better wake up fast.

    On the campaign trail last January, President-elect Donald Trump bragged that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

    Today during his press conference, Trump did the rhetorical equivalent to CNN reporter Jim Acosta, and the assembled reporters did nothing.

    After Trump attacked CNN’s report that top U.S. intelligence officials believe Russian operatives may have compromising information about him, Acosta yelled out, “Since you are attacking us, can you give us a question?” In an extended back and forth, Trump lashed out at Acosta’s “terrible” news outlet.

    “I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump said. “I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!”

    Acosta was left to say that Trump was being “inappropriate” and sink back in his chair as Trump’s supporters clapped.

    And the rest of the press apparently did nothing at all. They watched it happen, then moved on to ask their own questions. Rather than deferring to their CNN colleagues until they had an opportunity to speak or or pushing back against Trump’s attack on a media outlet or even walking out, they acted like it hadn’t happened.
    Media Matters for America
    1 hr ·

    The press needs to finally stand up and band together, or they’re going to get picked off one at a time.

    Trump Just Shot Jim Acosta On The Middle Of Fifth Avenue And The Press Didn’t Blink

    Trump bragged that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Today, Trump did the rhetorical equivalent.

  30. Okay. Here’s the deal according to Crank Bait.

    Rex Tillerson provided fossil fuel exploration technology to Russia via Exxon/Mobile’s effort to make money in Russia-controlled areas of exploration.

    Russia’s national income is remarkably enhanced by fossil fuel sales.

    Therefore, Russia’s ability to spend monies on whatever—feeding its citizenry, health care for its citizenry, pretty much anything that might improve the lives of Russian citizenry up to and including defense spending—is enhanced by fossil fuel production that is increased by Exxon/Mobile’s efforts in Russia’s regions.

    That’s a good thing, right? How can improving the lives of Russian citizens not be a good thing? I’m all for it (despite the defense spending caveat…which might be a larger piece of the pie than I and Russian citizens might like it to be). But who knows? Let us, for the time being, hope for the best.

    On the other hand, the Republican Party in the U.S.A. learned, long ago, that the Power-of-the-Purse is the easiest way to legislate the weakening of any department or agency. Eliminating an established portion of bureaucracy is a difficult political goal. Underfunding it is much easier.

    An under-funded SEC cannot watchdog as well as a well-funded SEC. An under-funded EPA cannot watchdog as effectively as an adequately-funded EPA. An under-funded Planned Parenthood, or an under-funded Public Radio, or an under-funded Public Television cannot operate as effectively as it can with money to spend.

    This is how the bromide came to be: The Republicans say “Government cannot do anything right.” When Republcans come into power, they prove it.

    Under-funded governance provides for poor results. Poor results = [bogus] proof that less governance is better.

    This is where the Rex Tillerson thingy comes into play, according to my reasoning. If “Starving the Beast” is, indeed, the Republican modus operandi for crushing agency power, then why is Rex Tillerson regarded as anything other than an enabler via Exxon/Mobile cash infusion and fossil fuel exploration technology to the Russian political/defense structure? Rex Tillerson and Exxon/Mobile have pumped fossil fuel production monies and fossil fuel production technology (technology designed for inhospitable climatic/regional circumstances) into Russia.

    Keep in mind that I ain’t a Rooskie hater. I’m not making the argument that Tillerson and Exxon/Mobile are growing a foreign world power into a strength that will result in all U.S. citizens wearing furry hats and stumbling around with vodka bottles in hands whilst trying to find our two-stroke-stained Trabants in a parking lot lined with hammer-and-sickle flags.

    I am trying to illustrate that the Republican Party has learned that starving funding for the entities that the Republican Party opposes is an easy method for weakening them.

    But, why isn’t this also true for a nominee who has a 40-year career background (the most recent ten years of which he has been CEO) working for Exxon/Mobile? Exxon/Mobile has clearly been strengthening Russia’s economic ledger. Pretty much everybody knows that Russia funnels a portion of the revenue into the enhancement of its military power. The U.S.A. does exactly that with its revenue. Does anyone want to argue that Russia does not do the same?

    In summation, the Republican Party likes to Starve The Beast in the U.S.A. as a method of weakening it. Yet, the Republican Party is supporting a CEO whose corporation has been Feeding The Beast that is an opposing Superpower engaged in continuing conflict with the U.S.A.

    Again, let me repeat: If Russia is funneling fossil fuel production monies that were facilitated by Exxon/Mobile technology to the Russian citizenry, no harm no foul, even as Exxon/Mobile makes money.

    But if Russian military capability (including the relatively recent acknowledgement of Cyberwarfare among The Powers), is enhanced by Rex Tillerson and Exxon/Mobile—that is the weakness of U.S. war hawks!

    Hammer ’em where it hurts. Tell ’em they are Rooskie enablers. Shout it from the rooftops. My ethical boundaries do not eliminate Spin.

    I am not freaked out by the Russians but the Republican base IS freaked out by the Russians.

  31. Sen’tah Jeff Sessyuns a’ L-bama!


    I’ve been working on the impression for a long time. It’s difficult to translate into script.

  32. Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned From ‘The Godfather’…

    Never hate your enemies… it affects your judgement.…” ~ Micheal Corleone

  33. If I Had To Guess…

    …I’d say Rubio is probably going to blowup Tillerson in the Foreign Relations Committee under the guise of him “supporting a war criminal” (really it is revenge against Trump, and the opening salvo of his 2020 Primary Run)… this will force a full Senate vote on Tillerson…

    Full Senate cabinet confirmation after committee rejection never happens… Last time was in 1945, and that was for an extremely popular Henry Wallace… after Roosevelt dumped him as VP for Truman…

    I am curious to see just how much power Exxon/Mobile has over the Senate… If they can buy Tillerson an appointment, then the US Corporate Petrogarchs will rival in power to their Russian counterparts…

  34. Just So You Know…

    If I posted the IP addresses from every single attempt to access or hack or probe this website from China and Russia we’d run out of comment space…

    Even this piddly little nothing site that nobody knows about is constantly under “attack” all day every day…

    Imagine how many bot hack attempts are directed at sites and servers that actually mean something or have something that someone wants access to worldwide…

    Every Government attempts to hack every other Government all day everyday… and up until Hillary no one had ever started talking about going to War over it…

    People need to stop letting Governments scare them into violent rage or surrendering their liberties with words like “Cyber-terror” the true context of which most people, even techies, do not fully understand…

    Cyber Security and counter cyber-espionage measures, especially at the Government level are serious business… but as long as there are laptops and clever little teenaged script kiddies, there will always be hacking…. the ONLY way to defend against it is to increase your own network security… not by threatening war or trying to limit internet access and freedoms of your own citizenry…

    You. Are. Being. Played.

  35. Bonfire of Strawmen…

    Greenwald does an exceptional job staying on message in the face of an expert BBC journalist trying to tear down and conflate his positions on the CIA, Trump, and Wikileaks…

    This should be shown in PoliSci classes as an example of handling “hostile witness” interviews and how not to get got by experts…

    Regardless of where you stand on the issues, you have to admire his ‘game’…


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